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Apuseni Mountains and to the South side there are mountains from the Southern Carpathians group, Parang Mountains group and Retezat-Godeanu Mountains group: Orastie and Surianu Mountains (South-East), Retezat Mountains (South), Poiana Ruscai Mountains (South-West).

Except from Mures River with its affluents Strei, Rau Mare and Cerna, which forms wide valleys, in the North side Crisul Alb river also forms a valley in the Apuseni Mountains - Zarand region. In the South side along the Jiu River with its two branches West Jiu and East Jiu, there is a large depression, and an accessible route towards Southern Romania - Oltenia.

The industry in the Hunedoara county is linked with the mining activity in the region. In the mountains, from ancient times, metals and coal have been exploited. Nowadays, there is one large industrial complex at Hunedoara owned by Mittal Steel . Also energy related enterprises are located in the county - one of the Romania's biggest power plant is located in Mintia.

The predominant industries in the county are:

         Construction materials.
         Accesories for the auto industry.
         Textile industry.
         Mining equipment.
         Food industry.

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